Can i get something engraved while i wait ?

Although we never say never it is not recommended to leave it to chance. You can call us and we will tell advise you of time scales. We do engrave fast, we engrave in house so it's always possible you can collect later that day or next day.

Do you engrave updates for perpetual trophies for award presentation nights ?

Yes we do some of our clients have 50-70 trophy cups and shields etc so it's something we are well used to. It's best to be organised when updating your annual awards for your special dinner presentation. Bring them to us in good time, try and allow 2-3 weeks if you have a lot of items. Please remember you will need to collect and probably polish and set them up for your evening. Best to get everything updated when you win and not worry about getting your items personalised with only a week to go. Wrap you items to keep safe and put the engraving instructions i.e the name and date on a piece of easily removable masking tape. Sellotape should not be used as it can take the plating of cups and varnish of wood. Post-its fall off the items and are no good either. You will find that for you bringing and collecting and for for us storing your items they should not be in boxes that are not secured with tape and they should close without any trophy sticking out. 

Do you deliver trophies ?

Yes we use Royal Mail for deliveries and you can also arrange your own pick-up from the store.

Can you engrave my company logo on glass trophies for staff awards ?

Yes we can etch the surface of glass trophies with your logo and supporting text.
Laser Engraving Samples​​​

I need trophies in a real hurry for an awards ceremony ?

This is a common problem we can help with just call us and don't waste any time. We will get you sorted if you work with us.
Get any logo required  for glass or acrylic trophies in a ready to use format. We can use only good quality logos. send us your engraving instructions. We will recommend something in stock which will suit your budget. Best to call us (0131) 553 2184

Do you engrave customers own items ?

We engrave any quaich, hip-flasks and tankards you may have purchased, although you may find we sell them cheaper check with us.

For laser engraving you will get a good idea what we do from our Laser Engraving Samples Page 

We do engrave whisky tumblers and wine glasses but prefer to do our own again speak to us first.

Also Check Out Machine Engraving Samples

Do you buy old trophies ?

Sorry no we only sell new products and don't sell refurbished products and have no way to recycle them.