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Engraved Relay Batons

Professionally Anodised Relay Baton

Perfectly anodised aluminium baton. Excellent baton for promotional  purposes and does comply to national and international regulations.

The  slightly roughened surface looks great.


Length:30 cm
Type:Senior (38 mm)
Baton surface finish:Slightly rough, anodized
Weight:77 g
Competition suitability:DLV, FFA, FIDAL, IAAF, PZLA, RFEA, UKA, USATF

The key to a professionally engraved relay baton:

The baton itself. We work only with the highest quality of aluminium relay batons. The outer surface of our batons is sandblasted before being anodised. The anodised layer is professionally applied and perfectly sealed. The high-quality finish of our relay batons distinguishes our product from others currently on the market for use on the running track.

The Eight Colours

Blue, Green, Red, Gold, Orange, Purple, Black and Silver

Amount however many you need - from one to 100+ relay batons - we are ready and prepared to fulfill your order. Individual relay batons within an order

is possible. You can, for example have every relay baton engraved with a different text or different company logo. Additional cost for doing this are reasonable. Different colour relay batons within an order is also possible.

Choice of colour has no effect on the final total of an order, so you can comfortably plan with relay batons in multiple colours. This is a particularly popular choice for those planning sporting events. Long-term availability

Our relay batons are available on a long-term basis. We will be able to meet your needs and provide you with the same relay baton model next year or even further down the line. 

The price is from £30 each with a charge of £12 for artwork

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