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Info On Machine Engraving

Used for decades to elegantly mark text and graphics that have been indelibly cut by the tip producing a clean impression.

We have numerous computerised engraving machines each suited to specific tasks. Including, Hermes 810 computerised engraving machines see pic below, Newing-Hall 350 Apex Machines see pic above, which we use to do our salvers, quaich, pocket-watches, tankards. hip-flasks, trophy-cups, knives and more more more as Billy Idol might say.

In this video you can see the Newing Hall Apex 310 in action engraving a silver salver.


Below you will see a video of the Newing Hall Apex 300 adding a title to a silver trophy cup with thistle handles.

If you would like something engraved pop into the shop in Edinburgh or give us a call and we will discuss your engraving requirements with you with-out any obligation on your part.  

We have added to our collection over the years but are still using many of our machines from the early days also. We do a lot of high volume work so it pays to have machines available. Helping us have a fast and efficient service is what we aim for.

Video Below: Medals engraved with Hermes 810

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