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Acrylic Awards

Materials suitable for Laser Engaving:

The use of acrylic for awards is also especially good for children as it's safer than glass and has a warm feel. You can somtimes get away with dropping it on the floor without breaking which isn't really the case with glass.

We have a large selection of acrylic in our showroom on display and our catalogue features many items with a suitable lined presentation box.

What also makes this material popular is it's easy to both engrave and cut. Also it's availability in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Acrylic is available in two forms cast and extruded, cast acrylic is what we use for ethching purposes because when it is engraved, it produces a white, frosty look that makes for a clean contrast to the material.

It can be reverse engraved on the back side of the trophy. Producing a see through effect from the front.

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